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Anxiety is how your body reacts to unknown danger in order to protect you. But when you have ongoing anxiety that consumes your life, it’s time to reach out to expert psychiatrist Ivan Walks, MD, at Integrated Health Resources in Silver Spring, Maryland. Dr. Walks takes a comprehensive and integrative approach to care, helping you understand the source of your anxiety and find strategies you need to manage it. Call the office or book your telemedicine appointment online today. 

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is your emotional and physical response to stress. It’s the heightened fear, worry, and jitteriness you have before a job interview or big exam.

Your body uses anxiety as a tool to increase your awareness and reaction time to the perceived “danger.” Occasional anxiety is normal and may even help you get through the stressful situation. However, many people experience ongoing anxiety that disrupts their life. 

When should I seek help for anxiety?

You should seek help from Dr. Walks at Integrated Health Resources for anxiety when your feelings of fear and worry are an ongoing problem, interfering with your ability to manage your daily responsibilities. 

Overwhelming and persistent anxiety is common, affecting about one-third of people at some point during their life. You can develop anxiety when struggling with depression or from past traumatic experiences. 

What are the common types of anxiety disorders?

Getting an accurate diagnosis helps Dr. Walks determine the best approach for treatment. Anxiety comes in many types based on triggers and symptoms, including:


Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

If you have persistent anxiety that occurs daily, making it hard for you to go about your normal routine, you may have GAD. This chronic form of anxiety causes you to excessively worry about everyday things like finances, health, and work.


Social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder causes intense fear and worry about social interactions. People who have it fear being embarrassed or looked down upon when engaging in social situations.


Panic disorder

If you have frequent, unexpected panic attacks, then you may have panic disorder. A panic attack is the most intense form of anxiety, causing an overwhelming sense of doom and severe physical symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain.



Phobias are overwhelming fears of objects or situations, such as fear of spiders or public speaking.

What are some treatments for anxiety?

Dr. Walks individualizes your anxiety treatment plan based on your type, symptoms, and personal goals. Your plan may include a combination of psychotherapy and medication management. 

Most importantly, Dr. Walks schedules regular follow-up visits to monitor your symptoms and adjust your treatment plan as needed.

To learn more about how therapy can help you overcome anxiety, call Integrated Health Resources or schedule an appointment online today.